20 Places to find FREE Pallets

Where the heck can I get some free pallets?

The new craze hitting up your home that has taken you centuries to come up with. Looking for a unique look rather than copying that annoying neighbor of yours? The answer just may be finding yourself some free pallets. But where can I get some free pallets you ask?

You may think that finding free pallets is difficult. Many stores such as Walmart, Home Depot or your local paint store may be the answer.

In this article I will list some of the various places that I as well as others have hit the pallet goldmine of free pallets.

Why use pallets?

Suddenly everyone is updating their home décor, even those that lack any artistic sense now want something unique. Pallets are easy to work with and are versatile.


Although pallets are all pretty similar there stores can be very different. Some aged to perfection by sitting in a dusty warehouse for years while others that may have toughed it outside. 


Both get that wood a unique weathered look and smell. Different patterns or grains pop after you give that board a little TLC.  


You can tackle pallet projects at a very affordable price or even FREE. We all love the word FREE!


Their popularity has since grown due to the FREE price tag and unique character they can add. Pallet projects are also a favorite amongst the avid weekend warriors.

Picking the perfect pallets

Believe it or not, all pallets are not created equal. Most pallets that are made these days have switched to using softwoods like pine. Back in the day when hardwood was abundant pallets were solid. 


Regardless of what type of wood the pallet is make sure it has the character that you’re looking for. Some pallets are rough cut which have cool saw markings while some use a smooth board. 


I think if you are going to build something from free pallets you will want as much character as possible. Just stay clear of wood that is already rotten and falling apart. 


Also an important fact to consider is where your project will be used (indoors or outdoors)


Pallets that were heat treated would be a better choice for projects that will end up indoors. Some pallets are also chemically treated. This type would be a better choice for outdoor projects.

Where can I get some free pallets?

So now that you are now the “King of DIY pallet projects” you’ll have a crowd to impress at your next superbowl party. 

It’s your chance to showcase your talent and put your friends to shame who know you for your flat sense of creativity. So it’s time to start finding some FREE PALLETS!

1. People you know

Family, friends and neighbors may just have what you’re looking for or know where some free pallets are.

2. Big box stores

Home Depot or Lowes don’t just sell wood but can be a great source for Free Pallets.  They may be slightly damaged but great for a pallet project

3. Paint stores

Buckets of paint are shipped on pallets… go figure.

4. Storage units

Storage units may have a community dumpster that may be overflowing with free pallets

5. Fencing Companies

Fencing companies may not have pallets but surely they have tons of old fencing that they have removed from a recent clients house to replace.  Save it from the dump!

6. Feed stores

Live around a feed store?  They have tons of stuff that is received on pallets

7. Craft stores

8. Grocery stores

9. Carpet stores

10. Construction sites

You will surely find Free pallets at a construction site.  Play it safe and go while they are working. You may come out with more free wood than you expected.

11. Social Media

Search Facebook Marketplace, you can find just about anything there

12. Online

Don’t forget to check Craigslist.

13. Garden stores

14. SOD companies

15. Take a Sunday drive

Get out and drive around.  I always see stacks of pallets sitting out in front of companies or houses.

16. Trash day

One mans trash is another mans treasure!

17. Shipping companies

18. At work

You have the inside advantage here!

19. At a shipyard

20. Any Dumpster

Don’t be afraid to dive on in…. Not the case.  Typically people just sit pallets beside dumpsters just because they are to hard to put them in.

Needless to say there are tons of places that you can get your hands on some free pallets.  You may be surprised what you can create with a few free pallets.


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How to get Bugs out of reclaimed wood

Reclaimed Wood is Eco-friendly

How to treat reclaimed wood for bugs

You should be aware that though reclaimed wood is eco-friendly and is very appealing to the eyes, however, there may be a real threat for no one knows what they house. This is due to the fact that planks are normally sourced from old structures. Pieces of old and unmaintained wood may be housing some unwanted organisms such as insects and you would not like to have that in your house.

There are a few ways to get those pesky bugs out of your reclaimed wood. You can use a chemical treatment to kill the bugs or use safe methods such as heating or freezing the wood.

Which ever method you choose it is important to know that rustic piece of reclaimed wood may be housing insects that can prove to be a nuisance. It is important to know some simple methods for removing bugs on wood.

Reclaimed wood

What kind of
bugs live in wood?

You should
be aware that many types of bugs can actually live in the wood that you have
reclaimed and you need to be extra cautious. Here are some of the common types
of bugs that can be in your wood and how you can detect them.



These are
the most prevalent insects that are responsible for damaging the wood. Termites
can bring down a wooden house if not properly watched and eliminated. There are
more than two thousand different types of termites and the unique thing about
them is that each type has a unique appetite on what it wants to feed on. The
good thing is that there is a sign you can look at on your reclaimed wood and
identify the presence of termites in them.

  • Mud tubes on the wood that is the size of a pencil, then it is definite the wood host termites and then you will be required to ensure you completely eliminate them.
  • Discarded wings around the wood that have been actually shed by some of the worker’s termites
  • If you find some insects on your wood that look like white ants, you should know that these are actually living termites. You should therefore immediately find the right means to eliminate them and save your piece of reclaimed wood.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ant

The damage
that is normally caused by carpenter ants usually is similar to what termites
do. For you to identify if the wood is infested by these insects you should
look if you can find wings present on the wood. Additionally, you will identify
that these ants have created tunnels within the wood to travel. This is because
they normally prefer the moist part of the wood especially if there is mold
growing in it. If you notice any of the characteristics here then you should be
aware that you are facing a wood infested with carpenter ants. You should
therefore quickly use the appropriate method to eliminate them from your
reclaimed wood and ensure they do not escape for they can spread to other
furniture in your home and start destroying them too.



Beetles may
also be found in reclaimed wood. There are several types of beetles and each of
them is attracted to a specific type of wood. To be specific some are attracted
to the sapwood of hardwood lumbers. One thing that is unique about beetles and
is worth noting is that they can remain on the inside of your wood for a
prolonged period of time. You should, therefore, use the best methods available
to eliminate beetles from you reclaimed wood to avoid further destruction.

The methods used to reclaim wood against bugs?

One thing we
should be aware of is that our furniture may house many insects and yet go
unnoticed. A greater disappointment is that even if you try and sand your
pieces of furniture you may still fail to reclaim it too. Here are the methods
one can use to treat reclaimed wood for bugs.

1. Wrap wood in Plastic

Take your reclaimed wood outside and wrap it in a heavy plastic. Place it outside in the sun on a hot day. Certainly, the temperature inside the plastic will get hot enough to force the bugs out of the wood. Some will die inside the plastic while others will lay exposed and you can easily remove or brush them away.

2. Freezing the wood

If your piece is small enough or you have a big freezer we can try method #2. You can do this by placing the wood in a commercial freezer (if you have one) or a chest freezer and leaving the reclaimed wood for approximately 72 hours. When necessary you can thaw the item and repeat the freezing to kill bugs that may be resistant to this procedure. By doing so the bugs will be eventually die in the wood.

3. Fumigating the wood

procedure for treating reclaimed wood for bugs is fumigating the wood. You will
cover the wood in plastic and introduce a “fogger” or “bug bomb” that sprays
the insecticide. Containing it in the plastic will actually hinder the insects
from spreading into the air. In addition, the insecticide will only work on the
bugs that are on the wood and ultimately kill them.

4. Spray or sprinkle the insecticide

This is done
for insects that are wood-eating or wood-boring on the reclaimed wood. For
instance, precise foam or Tim-bor normally penetrates into the wood surfaces
and gets at any bug that may be hiding inside the wood. You can also inject an
insecticide known as Termidor into the wood and it will kill bugs.

You can also
heat the reclaimed wood to around 140 degrees Celsius. This kind of extreme
temperature will kill all sorts of insects and bugs in your piece of wood. Any
insect even those hiding inside the wood will be forced to try and escape and
will be terminated in the process. You can then remove the remnants of these
insects by scrubbing the wood. You can then go ahead and sand the wood
continuously and vacuum it to remove any sort of debris and dust.

The above
discussion clearly shows the appropriate methods of reclaiming wood that is
infested with bags. One should not let precious pieces of wood go into waste
just because one fears they may be hosting bugs. These pieces of wood can be
used for various purposes in our homes and therefore reclaiming them is