Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing/Repair


Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

(Cost based on 30 Doors / Drawers)
$ 1500 Average Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Cost
  • Estimated $50 per Door / Drawer front
  • Premium Sherman Williams Paint
  • New Kitchen in about 1 week
  • Compared Cost $10k-$15K to replace cabinets

Why choose to paint your kitchen cabinets vs replacing them?

Painting your kitchen cabinets is an extremely affordable option compared to replacement.  On average the cost to replace your kitchen cabinets ranges $10,000-$15,000.  Typical kitchen cabinets can be painted in about a week with very little disturbance to your day to day activities.  

Planning on selling?  A quick repainting of your kitchen cabinets can make the difference between a home sale or months on the market.

Why should you choose Home Built Woodworking for the job?

Many companies that repaint cabinets are only capable of painting.  I am also a skilled carpenter and have the ability to save $$ when others will not.  Example, I was able to repair the cabinet above the microwave saving the customer $$ over replacement options.

Additional Costs may include:

  • Crown Molding
  • Detailed Trim
  • Doors w/ glass
  • Wine racks
  • Open Cabinets w/ exposed shelving
  • Cabinet / Trim Repairs
  • Specialty Finishes

Furniture Refinishing

Add NEW life to an old piece
$ 250 Minimum Charge
  • Choose your OWN color
  • FAST Turn around
  • Specialty Finishes Available
  • Save $$ vs. Replacement costs

Average Cost's for Furniture Painting

All painting jobs are not created equal BUT the below will provide you with a good estimate for having your standard wood furniture refinished.  Not that this is assuming that the pieces are in good condition and do NOT require repairs.

ALL Pieces will need delivered to our warehouse located at 4549 Saint Augustine Rd.