Why is Reclaimed wood so popular?

Reclaimed Headboards
Reclaimed Headboards

Why using reclaimed wood is so popular?

On the off chance that you are an enthusiast of natural home stylistic layout, you’ll most likely have heard this term a couple of times before. In any case, for the individuals who are as yet attempting to find their way around farmhouse furniture, this is basically what reclaimed wood means:

When you reclaim wood, you recover the wood from its underlying application so it can fill another need elsewhere.  Reclaimed woods are basically derivatives of remodeling activities, and you can get this sort of wood from your old dwelling-place, barn, decking of old structures, etc. Although these days they are often sold in furniture stores as reinforced products.

Since reclaimed woods are recovered from old structures, they usually come out chipped and aged. Apparently, a lot of people of our modern day society fancy the contrasting appearance that reclaimed woods create when used for interior decorations.

While this is a total surprise, it is also logical as there are many upsides to the use of reclaimed woods. In the event that you are curious about why the use of reclaimed wood is the latest trend in home décor, here are a few solid reasons why reclaimed is popular in today’s world.

1.    Quality of the wood

Reclaimed wood is popular for a lot of reasons, and one of the most obvious ones is their quality. In the past, woods used for flooring, siding, headboards and so on are usually old growth woods. These woods have reached the highest level of maturity, and so they are capable of providing support for your home without deteriorating.

However, with the current commercial forest practices, many of the woods that are available in the market are usually cut down before they reach their max level of maturity. Which makes reclaimed wood the greatest source of high-quality wood for your housing needs.

2.    History

Generally, reclaimed wood is retrieved from historic buildings, and so they usually have their own history. If the wood can speak, it would probably tell tales that you have never heard before. Many citizens of today’s world fancy home decors that would help them connect with the past – that is what reclaimed wood offers.

Whether the wood is reclaimed from the fence of a mansion, the scaffolding of a church or the decking of a warehouse, having it in your home would give you a feeling of accomplishment. In fact, many rustic décor aficionados use reclaimed woods in their homes to connect with their past so that they can appreciate their present.

The logic behind this reasoning is deep and mysterious, but that is the thing with history – it is enigmatic.

3.    Eco-friendly

Now that we are conscious of how our activities here on earth affects our planet itself, eco-friendly materials are now the order of the day. Since reclaimed woods are recovered from old structures as opposed to cutting down new trees (Which would at the end of the take a toll on our planet’s ozone layer), they are the eco-friendliest source of wood for your home.

Once more, most of these reclaimed woods have equal strength as the fleshly cut woods. As a matter of fact, some of these reclaimed wood like the old growth woods are stronger than fresh wood. This is because they had achieved maturity before they were cut down.

Reclaimed Coffee Table
Reclaimed Coffee Table

4.    They’ve got character

In all probability, this is the most obvious reason why reclaimed wood and rustic furniture is very popular in today’s world. While new woods are loved for their flawlessness, reclaimed woods are loved for their imperfections. All the imperfections on reclaimed wood add up to the full character of the wood. For instance, stain, nail holes, checking, bug holes as well as deterioration marks can make a reclaimed wood beautiful. The overall character of the reclaimed wood also comes from its history and age. As a matter of fact, the older the reclaimed wood gets, the more character it develops and the more appealing it becomes. Since reclaimed woods age differently, everyone your find would almost certainly have its own unique character. At the end of the day, all these unique characters would contribute their own quota into making your home beautiful.

5.    There are readily available

You won’t have to stress to acquire reclaimed wood for your decoration needs. Then again, it would be better for you to buy from experienced providers as they would have reinforced the wood before putting it up for sale.

If you need to give your home a rustic look, you can utilize these recovered woods for the siding, headboard, floor or furniture of your home. By the day’s end, your home would be chicer and welcoming while you get the opportunity to get a good deal on your furnishings, deck, siding, and anyplace else you utilize the recovered wood in your home.

This is where you get to make the best use of your budget without compromising your home’s stylish appearance.

6.    Good looks

At the end of the day, the reason why reclaimed wood is so popular today boils down to its good looks. It doesn’t matter how eco-friendly it is, how much history it conveys, how high-quality it is or how full of character it is; if it doesn’t look good, no one will find it attractive.

If you think reclaimed wood is popular, then it’s because people find it attractive. Just take a look at any home with reclaimed wood as its décor and see how it compares to other homes. You’ll see that the difference is very clear.

  • How much does it cost?

Reclaimed wood, in general, is not overly expensive and you can expect to find it offered at prices that are well within your means. This goes without saying that the price of the reclaimed wood is greatly influenced by its age, quality, size, etc. Another factor that can influence the price of the salvaged wood is the print on the wood.

Generally, lumbers have their own inherent print that makes them different from other lumbers. This unique print is similar to a human’s fingerprint in several ways. But unlike the human’s fingerprint, two or more timbers can have similar print patterns.

But then again, some prints are very hard to come by. Notwithstanding, you’ll have an array of wood print to browse when you consult premium suppliers of reclaimed wood for your wood needs. Taking everything into account, you can expect to find top-quality reclaimed woods offered from $10/sf to $50/sf at the very least.

Although most premium suppliers of reclaimed woods have a minimum order for their products. To know the reclaimed wood options that are available to you, contact your premium supplier of top quality reclaimed wood.

  • Why are some reclaimed woods so expensive

Like we said earlier, the cost of reclaimed wood is influenced by a lot of factors such as size, print, quality, age, etc. Some suppliers also reinforce their reclaimed wood so that it can last long term without failing.

Of course, they’ll want to be compensated for their investment and thoughtfulness. That’s why some reclaimed woods are more expensive than others.

How to treat reclaimed wood for bugs

Reclaimed Wood is Eco-friendly

How to treat reclaimed wood for bugs

You should be aware that though reclaimed wood is eco-friendly and is very appealing to the eyes, however, there may be a real threat for no one knows what they house. This is due to the fact that planks are normally sourced from old structures. Pieces of old and unmaintained wood may be housing some unwanted organisms such as insects and you would not like to have that in your house.

Most of our beautiful furniture’s at home are made of wood. This includes cupboards, tables and other pieces that we have in our houses. However, it is important to know that this furniture may be housing insects that can prove to be a nuisance.

Reclaimed wood

What kind of bugs live in wood?

You should be aware that many types of bugs can actually live in the wood that you have reclaimed and you need to be extra cautious. Here are some of the common types of bugs that can be in your wood and how you can detect them.



These are the most prevalent insects that are responsible for damaging the wood. Termites can bring down a wooden house if not properly watched and eliminated. There are more than two thousand different types of termites and the unique thing about them is that each type has a unique appetite on what it wants to feed on. The good thing is that there is a sign you can look at on your reclaimed wood and identify the presence of termites in them.

  • Mud tubes on the wood that is the size of a pencil, then it is definite the wood host termites and then you will be required to ensure you completely eliminate them.
  • Discarded wings around the wood that have been actually shed by some of the worker’s termites
  • If you find some insects on your wood that look like white ants, you should know that these are actually living termites. You should therefore immediately find the right means to eliminate them and save your piece of reclaimed wood.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ant

The damage that is normally caused by carpenter ants usually is similar to what termites do. For you to identify if the wood is infested by these insects you should look if you can find wings present on the wood. Additionally, you will identify that these ants have created tunnels within the wood to travel. This is because they normally prefer the moist part of the wood especially if there is mold growing in it. If you notice any of the characteristics here then you should be aware that you are facing a wood infested with carpenter ants. You should therefore quickly use the appropriate method to eliminate them from your reclaimed wood and ensure they do not escape for they can spread to other furniture in your home and start destroying them too.



Beetles may also be found in reclaimed wood. There are several types of beetles and each of them is attracted to a specific type of wood. To be specific some are attracted to the sapwood of hardwood lumbers. One thing that is unique about beetles and is worth noting is that they can remain on the inside of your wood for a prolonged period of time. You should, therefore, use the best methods available to eliminate beetles from you reclaimed wood to avoid further destruction.

The methods used to reclaim wood against bugs?

One thing we should be aware of is that our furniture may house many insects and yet go unnoticed. A greater disappointment is that even if you try and sand your pieces of furniture you may still fail to reclaim it too. Here are the methods one can use to treat reclaimed wood for bugs.

You should wrap the wooden item

Whether it’s a shoe bench or a coffee table you can wrap it in heavy plastic and place it outside in the sun on a hot day. Certainly, the temperature inside the plastic will gradually rise and force all the bugs to try and come out of the wood. Some will die inside the plastic while others will lay exposed and you can easily terminate them.

Freezing the wood

You can then move forward and freeze the wood for some time which will ensure that the insects in the wood succumb to death. You can do this by placing the wood on a commercial freezer or a chest freezer and leaving the reclaimed wood for approximately 72 hours. When necessary you can thaw the item and repeat the freezing to kill bugs that may be resistant to this procedure. By so doing these bugs will be terminated on the wood.

Fumigating the wood

Another procedure for treating reclaimed wood for bugs is fumigating the wood. You will cover the wood in plastic and introduce a “fogger” or “bug bomb” that sprays the insecticide. Containing it in the plastic will actually hinder the insects from spreading into the air. In addition, the insecticide will only work on the bugs that are on the wood and ultimately kill them.

Spray or sprinkle the insecticide

This is done for insects that are wood-eating or wood-boring on the reclaimed wood. For instance, precise foam or Tim-bor normally penetrates into the wood surfaces and gets at any bug that may be hiding inside the wood. You can also inject an insecticide known as Termidor into the wood and it will kill bugs.

You can also heat the reclaimed wood to around 140 degrees Celsius. This kind of extreme temperature will kill all sorts of insects and bugs in your piece of wood. Any insect even those hiding inside the wood will be forced to try and escape and will be terminated in the process. You can then remove the remnants of these insects by scrubbing the wood. You can then go ahead and sand the wood continuously and vacuum it to remove any sort of debris and dust.

The above discussion clearly shows the appropriate methods of reclaiming wood that is infested with bags. One should not let precious pieces of wood go into waste just because one fears they may be hosting bugs. These pieces of wood can be used for various purposes in our homes and therefore reclaiming them is important.

What is the modern farmhouse furniture and décor?

Sliding Barn Door Console
Sliding Barn Door Console

What is the modern farmhouse décor and furniture?

You must have heard, read, in one way or the other come across or even used the phrase “modern farmhouse décor.” The question, what is modern farmhouse décor and furniture? Or better still, what does it mean?

What does modern farmhouse mean?

Modern farmhouse décor is a combination of beautiful contemporary designs and cozy farmhouse aesthetics used to achieve a unique interior home décor. It is a relaxing, cozy, full of charm, character, and beautiful kind of furnishing.

Modern farmhouse decor is known for its simplicity and warmth. Beautiful modern farmhouse decor is a balance of old and new furniture designs in a home. It must be stylish, clean and warmhearted and certainly in tune with nature itself – but not full of dried leaves insects and reptiles.

It is an eye-catching combination of modern innovations; natural custom made furniture, handmade furniture, and rustic items. Sometimes it could be shabby chic, rustic yet comfortable and very beautiful farmhouse furniture.

Modern Farmhouse Chevron X-console

What is modern farmhouse furniture made up of?

Modern farmhouse décor and furniture are made up of natural materials, especially wood and galvanized steel. In modern farmhouse furniture, natural wood is a must-have. A décor made without natural wood cannot be called farmhouse décor.

The natural woods and galvanized steel are used to achieve a natural texture and look for the furniture and the décor in general. To further achieve this natural look, natural colors like cream paired with other bright colors, natural and bold hue colors can be used. Some also choose bright colors like red, which makes furniture’s stand out. 

Pallet Top X Console
Pallet Top X Console

When did modern farmhouse furniture and décor begin?

Before the introduction of metals, woods were in existence. These woods were utilized to make different items which were used in the homes. These woods were also utilized in making different furniture used in decorating the home. So the idea of farmhouse furniture is not a recent development.

However, the combination of beautiful, cozy, comfortable contemporary design with farmhouse aesthetics in other to achieve a unique interior decor is quite a recent development.

The perfect blend and beautiful combination of wood and metal is the idea of brilliant interior decorators and it does not only make a home look beautiful, but it adds class to it too.

What is the cost of modern farmhouse décor and furniture?

The cost of modern farmhouse décor and furniture is speedily on the rise because of an increase in the general acceptability of the farmhouse décor and furniture. So, as a result of the rise in demand, there is a rise in cost or price.

Because farmhouse décor and furniture is so beautiful and makes any home look great it can be hard to find great deals. As such, it would be very difficult if not impossible to place a fixed price on any farmhouse furniture as the cost of these furniture’s increases daily as a result of the increase in demand.

However, some shops or sellers have fairer prices than others. While the prices of some of these furniture’s are outrageous, some are less expensive. So the place, store, or shop be it an online store front or a local market you decide to buy from would determine the cost of the furniture.

However, it is important to compare prices from different shops before purchasing to decipher, which is more pocket-Friendly to you.

If you are in need of a cost you can always contact Home Built Woodworking for some of the best pricing on custom built farmhouse décor in Saint John’s Florida.

Things to look out for when buying farmhouse furniture.

While looking for a pocket-friendly price, there are some important things to look out for before buying farmhouse furniture. Here are some of them. Do not forget to look out for:

Chevron Sliding Barn Door Console
Chevron Sliding Barn Door Console

1. Good quality furniture

It is important to look out for good quality furniture when buying farmhouse furniture because a good quality saves one from a frivolous purchase of quantity. However, poor quality might be cheap from the onset but would require frequent change and repairs, which would be more expensive in the end. Poor quality farmhouse furniture should be avoided because it would need replacement in little or no time as it would wear off in a short while.  Home Built Woodworking strives to make a quality products that fits many budgets.

However, poor quality might be cheap from the onset but would require frequent change and repairs, which would be more expensive in the end. Poor quality farmhouse furniture should be avoided because it would need replacement in little or no time as it would wear off in a short while.  Home Built Woodworking strives to make a quality products that fits many budgets.

2. Durability of furniture

The Durability of furniture means the length of time a piece of furniture can last or simple put the life span of furniture. The durability of the modern farmhouse furniture you are about to purchase must be put into consideration so that you can fully enjoy the furniture you are purchasing. Quality built farmhouse furniture will aid durability and longevity of the furniture.

3. Cost

The cost of the furniture must also be put into consideration as it is very true that some sellers attach outrageous prices to their farmhouse furniture. So, compare different prices from different sellers and have good bargaining power as well so you’re able to buy good furniture at a minimized rate.

Also, contrary to popular opinion, overly expensive furniture does not guarantee perfect quality. So be on the lookout for extortionist, so you don’t go bankrupt just trying to purchase farmhouse furniture.

4. Size

The size of the furniture must be put into consideration and so must the size of your house. An appropriate sized Farmhouse furniture piece adds beauty to the house whereas, an outrageous sized farmhouse furniture only becomes a cause for humor or simply put, it becomes a laughing stock.

Yes, there are large sized pieces of furniture which are really beautiful. But consider the size of your house, the space available for the furniture you love and intend to purchase before purchasing it.

5. Color & Finish

The color of farmhouse furniture can either make or mar an apartment or house in general. So, before purchasing that beautiful farmhouse furniture, ask yourself, will the color blend with the color of my home? Would it add beauty to my home to make it look even more appealing?

If your answer is a certain yes, then, you can go ahead and purchase the farmhouse decor and furniture. But if you are not certain or quite skeptical about it, ask questions.

Farm House Kitchen
Farm House Kitchen

Without the perfect paint job, can a farmhouse Décor still look beautiful?

Yes is the answer. Without the perfect paint job, a farmhouse décor can still look beautiful. However, to achieve this you need the right furnishings. With the right furnishings, your home does not need to have the perfect paint job.

The modern farmhouse furniture or décor would do the trick adding beauty and class to your home. However, the power of the perfect painting cannot be underrated. The right paint no doubt adds even more beauty to a house.

Truly, paint that exposes the beauty of a piece of furniture is well regarded. If your home doesn’t have the perfect paint and you have no plans of changing the color of the paint in other to beautifully furnish your home, it is best to call or hire the services of an interior decorator. They can help you arrange your home especially if you have no idea as to how to go about it.

Finally, if you’re in the Saint John’s FL area, Home Built Woodworking can assist with your custom built modern farmhouse décor and furnishings.  Send us a message here and I will be happy to assist you with all your needs!