How to Decorate with a Farmhouse Style

Decorating your Home with a Farmhouse Style

Farm House Kitchen

Farmhouse decorating is quite relaxing, fun, warm, full of charm, and an enticing character. When we talk of farmhouse decorating, some people may be tempted to think we are referring to the decoration of a farm. No, that is not the case. It relates to the use of artificial sensibilities that goes back to a simpler time. The farmhouse decoration style is therefore fantastic and savvy.

Farmhouse decorating style needs to have a balance between the old and new fashion. This is more important to ensure the house looks natural, stylish, clean, and warmhearted.

This blog takes an exclusive overview of farmhouse decoration style so to ensure your home looks elegant and appealing. Take time and read through.

What does farmhouse style decoration mean?

Decorating a house in farmhouse style means looking for a way in which a home will look stylish by the use of practical and straightforward decorating mindset.

It means instead of using bright and flashy decor; you look for a combination of soothing colors, texture, or natural elements that gives your house a great outlook.

Rules of farmhouse style decoration

Previously farmhouses were decorated in anything that looked handy and practical. In modern days, people capitalize on decorating houses in farmhouse style with items that are meaningful, unique, and simple on the look.

A home decorated in this style consists of old material that is free to find in the market combined with new pieces. A perfect example is a shaker cabinet and old harvest table which are joined beautifully by stainless steel and fixtures that are light modern and placed in a farmhouse kitchen.

Decorating with Store Bought Pieces

When decorating your house using this style, your furniture should not look like its bought from the same store. That, however, does not mean you cannot purchase decorating materials from one store though you must be creative enough.

An example is the Ikea Ektorp sofa which can fit well in farmhouse decoration style but buying all its pieces from one store can spoil the fun. The best idea is pairing the sofa with vintage chairs that have been reupholstered for a while.

Farmhouse style should not look much calculated. For example, items of the craft show and nostalgia reproduction, designed to look natural can be more fun if placed in numbers of one or two but not too many items piled together.

That way, they never appear decent and decorative at all. If craft items are not your taste, check out the flea market and any unique shows for items that have real sentimental value.

Decorating using farmhouse needs one to take time in the process. The most important aspect to note in this decorating process is that rushing only leads to shoddy work. Character and charm are items that can’t be bought in a single day and still be mounted for decoration on the same day.

Farmhouse decoration style needs one to be keen enough. You do not purchase materials for decoration for the sake. Take time and peruse, collect information that will make sure you decorate with materials that are meaningful whether they are new or old enough.

Pallet Top X Console

Farmhouse decorating ideas

To ensure you acquire the perfect farmhouse decoration style, below are some of the decor elements and decorating tips you need to know.

  • Barn Wood

Barn wood, especially those already reclaimed is a perfect way to add natural character and history to a home. This wood can be used on floors, like shelving, on floors walls or like furniture.

  • Exposed Wood Beams

Just the way barn board performs, exposed wood beams maintain element on nature in homes while at the same time adding great architectural details to the house. If you consider yourself lucky enough and haven’t installed exposed wood beams in your house as decoration, it’s clear you are deceiving yourself.

  • Butcher Block

Butcher block counters are great furniture in farmhouse kitchens since they ensure the outlook is more relaxed. These counters are known to have a high rustic quality that lasts for long in excellent shape as far as they are treated rightly. It’s vital to note that if your kitchen does not look anywhere high with butcher block, taking an alternative like Kitchen Island can work best.

  • Apron Sinks

Having Apron sink in your kitchen lights up the entire house. If you are lucky enough and can afford shaker style cabinets and incorporate them together in the kitchen, you are guaranteed your home is decorated in the very best farmhouse style.

  • Vintage Furniture

Decorating a house with old furniture does not necessarily mean you feel your house with any vintage furniture. You can decide to pair your sofas with vintage side chairs and tables, an old chest for a new bed or lamp vintages to light up your house. The point of using vintages for decoration is to ensure total household match and create more history in your house.

  • Slipcovers

Either practically or casually, slipcovers helps bring a more relaxed and soft feeling to a room. Slipcover is, however, a bit more expensive though the upholstery services are cheaper. Also, these covers are easy to clean and takes up little time to dry off. The slipcover can be placed on surfaces of dining chairs and tables to create a fantastic soft look.

  • Wicker and Rattan

Wicker and rattan take long to get worn out and greats a fantastic experience. Wicker baskets and rattan chair connect with outdoor, creating a natural feeling in the house.

  • Weathered finishes

Peeling paints and rough wood does wonder in creating an excellent farmhouse look. Weathered finishes as the word suggest does not aim at making furniture look more dilapidated but should not as well not look too much shy and new.

  • Incorporate wood

Adding wood here and there in your decor creates more rustic and excellent farmhouse look. Such wood can be things like antique washboards and spindle. Additionally, you can use old barn wood to make farmhouse style stature such as that of bakery sign.

If your interested in custom built  wood furniture that will fit your  farmhouse decor, make a point of contacting me at for the services.


It’s our hope we have helped you learn a few tips on farmhouse decoration and how you can achieve it. All the best, as you give it a trial.


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Tips for Decorating a Front Porch

Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Your front porch may not be a place that you want to spend to much time right now.  With a few of these valuable tips for Decorating your Front Porch you may find in a bit more inviting.

Decorating a small front porch is relatively inexpensive and simple.  Just by adding some potted flowers or an Awesome Welcome Sign (made by yours truly) can make a drab porch come to life.  I mean we could all use a nice rocker to sit back and relax on.

Here are some things to take care of before you jump right in to decorating a front porch.

1) Clean it all down.. get your hose out

Before you go out in your Sunday’s best, you need to make sure that all the surfaces are well cleaned. Get the broom out to remove cobwebs, dust, and other accumulated litter on the surfaces.

HINT:  If you have an super awesome Lawn & Exterminator Service like I do they knock all those cobwebs off for me.

After your done wiping down all the surfaces I like to drag out the pressure washer and go to town.  Every time I start cleaning my outdoor furniture or exterior walls with my pressure washer it amazes me how much nasty grime comes off.

I try to drag everything off our porch twice a year and just hose it all down.  Its a pain but once you start its worth it.

2) Brighten your porch up with Color

Adding color to a porch is a great way to add a little life to your porch.  Consider painting the walls of your porch for a drastic change.  If that’s too much work try painting your outdoor furniture or adding some fresh flowers.  

Colors can have a great psychological effect. I mean don’t you want your visitors to get that happy vibe when they visit?  Some colors will brighten up your guests while some may not send them running.  Think Happy trees like the man Bob Ross!

Choosing a paint that may last long to help you save on costs. Blend the color pallet of your ceiling and flooring.  If your not great at picking out colors or need a little inspiration (like me) they have all sorts of stuff at your local paint store to help you decide.

Welcome Sign

3) Welcome visitors with a sign

Nothing welcomes a guests like a 4 ft Rustic Welcome Sign! (Again, by yours truly)  Using some inexpensive decor like welcome signs or a Hello doormat can add a little bit of southern hospitality. 

You can get a sign to pin on the door or around the doorposts. Your guests will be smiling whenever they arrive at your front porch.

Trying to scare off unwanted guest?  Here’s your chance to get that message across.  The Beware of Dog signs are just the start these days.

4) Flowers can add more than just color

Flowers are popular as a front porch decoration because you can change them out as often as you’d like. Carex, heucheras and heucherellas are the perfect potted flower that will do just fine on a shaded porch.

Your front porch will come alive with some beautiful flowers that your neighbors will be coming to you to help decorate their front porch. Try some Madagascar periwinkles, lilyturf and anemones in the late summer.  If your lonely on valentines day why not add some Bleeding Hearts to liven up your front porch.

There are several techniques used to plant flowers on the front porch of a house. Choose a planting style that suits your style, preference, home design, color, and style. 

Check out my article on some Simple DIY projects anyone can tackle.  Pallet Style Flower pots can look so much cooler than just those plastic containers they have at the big box stores.

Flowers and other plants on the front porch are great in providing aesthetic beauty and a sweet scent to compliment the beauty. These plants make your porch good for relaxing and meditating.


5) Light up your Front Porch

Add some life to your small front porch by lighting it up. Bulbs are available in different colors, and they also provide different intensities of light. Choose a bulb that blends with the exterior home decor.

Choose the bulb of your choice to add exclusive taste and security to your home and front porch. 

Just a few Lighting Options:

  1. Incandescent (Old style bulb)
  2. Halogen (Flood lights)
  3. Fluorescent (Great for laundry, closets & garage)
  4. LED – New style bulb
  5. Soft White, Cool/Bright White or Daylight
  6. Colored LED Strip lighting
  7.  Christmas Lights
  8. Specialty Lights (Flame bulbs)

If you do not prefer using electricity on your front porch, you can improvise. A lantern or some candles are great to keep your porch lit for as long as you prefer.

A game changer for our porch was as simple as a ceiling fan.  We had moved from PA to FL a while ago.  It wasn’t until we felt the heat of the Sunshine state that we realized how much a ceiling fan is a requirement!  I don’t think I ever turn it off.

6) Get Some Cool Furniture for Your Porch

Front Porch

Decorating the front porch is much easier when you have some cool furniture.  I personally love the look and feel of a nice wooden Adirondack chair.  If you have a smaller porch you may want to consider a nice little bench.

To really spice up the look choose chairs and plush pillows that have colors that got with the decor of your front porch. You can also add an outdoor table to increase your comfort in your farmhouse.

When adding furniture to your front porch start small.  Only add pieces that go with the space and add either a visual or functional benefit. Adding to much furniture can really cramp a space while adding furniture with no purpose can make your porch look like a storage room.

7) Keep Decor simple

Decorating a small front porch does not require too much sophistication. Sometimes less is more when it comes to decorating your front porch.

Having a few flower pots rather than 20 flower pots will keep your porch more inviting.  Simple garden flags can be great to add some character to your porch.  Adding your address to a door or sign can make it feel like home.

Simple decorations that provide architectural design of your home work best. Think about the lines of your home and your focal points. 

8) Use Outdoor Accessories

When decorating your front porch, think about what you like.  If you’re a bird lover why not add a nice bird house or feeder to your porch if space allows.

If you love to garden why not add some fun garden Gnomes around your space.  Into sports?  Why not add your favorite teams flag to your front porch to support your team.  

Just because something is technically made for the outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t bring it onto your porch.  Like the smell of fresh cut logs?  Why not store a few on your front porch in a nice firewood holder. 

9) Holiday Season is here

The holidays is the time of year to really go overboard.  Change out those light bulbs for the holidays!  Replace your front porch lighting with some fun string Christmas lights or just replace bulbs in your porch lights with some good old red & green bulbs.

In the fall time why not get a bail of hay that you can use as an end table or a place to set your flower pots.  Bring in some of those fall colors as well to give your porch a warm fuzzy feeling.

Bring those inflatables onto your porch not only will they add to your front porch decor but they might be easier to plug in.

Final thoughts

So often your front porch is overlooked as a place you can actually use & enjoy.  Taking the time to decorate your front porch will make it a much more enjoyable place for you & your visitors.

You may be surprised what you have been missing out on.  Get outside and enjoy the smell of fresh flowers!


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I am a seasoned woodworker with many years’ experience creating custom furniture among other projects. In 2015 my family and I relocated from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania to sunny Saint Johns, FL. It is here that I refined my skills into fine woodworking & home decor. I currently specialize in rustic home decor & furnishings. This has given me the opportunity to explore the creative side of woodworking to a different level.


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Modern farmhouse furniture and décor – What is it?

Sliding Barn Door Console
Sliding Barn Door Console

What is the modern farmhouse décor and furniture?

You must have heard, read, in one way or the other come across or even used the phrase “modern farmhouse décor.” The question, what is modern farmhouse décor and furniture? Or better still, what does it mean?

What does modern farmhouse mean?

Modern farmhouse décor is a combination of beautiful contemporary designs and cozy farmhouse aesthetics used to achieve a unique interior home décor. It is a relaxing, cozy, full of charm, character, and beautiful kind of furnishing.

Modern farmhouse decor is known for its simplicity and warmth. Beautiful modern farmhouse decor is a balance of old and new furniture designs in a home. It must be stylish, clean and warmhearted and certainly in tune with nature itself – but not full of dried leaves insects and reptiles.

It is an eye-catching combination of modern innovations; natural custom made furniture, handmade furniture, and rustic items. Sometimes it could be shabby chic, rustic yet comfortable and very beautiful farmhouse furniture.

Modern Farmhouse Chevron X-console

What is modern farmhouse furniture made up of?

Modern farmhouse décor and furniture are made up of natural materials, especially wood and galvanized steel. In modern farmhouse furniture, natural wood is a must-have. A décor made without natural wood cannot be called farmhouse décor.

The natural woods and galvanized steel are used to achieve a natural texture and look for the furniture and the décor in general. To further achieve this natural look, natural colors like cream paired with other bright colors, natural and bold hue colors can be used. Some also choose bright colors like red, which makes furniture’s stand out. 

Pallet Top X Console
Pallet Top X Console

When did modern farmhouse furniture and décor begin?

Before the
introduction of metals, woods were in existence. These woods were utilized to
make different items which were used in the homes. These woods were also utilized
in making different furniture used in decorating the home. So the idea of farmhouse
furniture is not a recent development.

However, the combination of beautiful, cozy, comfortable contemporary design with farmhouse aesthetics in other to achieve a unique interior decor is quite a recent development.

The perfect blend and beautiful combination of wood and metal is the idea of brilliant interior decorators and it does not only make a home look beautiful, but it adds class to it too.

What is the cost of modern farmhouse décor and furniture?

The cost of modern farmhouse décor and furniture is speedily on the rise because of an increase in the general acceptability of the farmhouse décor and furniture. So, as a result of the rise in demand, there is a rise in cost or price.

Because farmhouse décor and furniture is so beautiful and makes any home look great it can be hard to find great deals. As such, it would be very difficult if not impossible to place a fixed price on any farmhouse furniture as the cost of these furniture’s increases daily as a result of the increase in demand.

However, some shops or sellers have fairer prices than others. While the prices of some of these furniture’s are outrageous, some are less expensive. So the place, store, or shop be it an online store front or a local market you decide to buy from would determine the cost of the furniture.

However, it is important to compare prices from different shops before purchasing to decipher, which is more pocket-Friendly to you.

If you are in need of a cost you can always contact Home Built Woodworking for some of the best pricing on custom built farmhouse décor in Saint John’s Florida.

Things to look out for when buying farmhouse furniture.

While looking for a pocket-friendly price, there are some important things to look out for before buying farmhouse furniture. Here are some of them. Do not forget to look out for:

Chevron Sliding Barn Door Console
Chevron Sliding Barn Door Console

1. Good quality furniture

It is important to look out for good quality furniture when buying farmhouse furniture because a good quality saves one from a frivolous purchase of quantity. However, poor quality might be cheap from the onset but would require frequent change and repairs, which would be more expensive in the end. Poor quality farmhouse furniture should be avoided because it would need replacement in little or no time as it would wear off in a short while.  Home Built Woodworking strives to make a quality products that fits many budgets.

However, poor quality might be cheap from the onset but would require frequent change and repairs, which would be more expensive in the end. Poor quality farmhouse furniture should be avoided because it would need replacement in little or no time as it would wear off in a short while.  Home Built Woodworking strives to make a quality products that fits many budgets.

2. Durability of furniture

The Durability of furniture means the length of time a piece of furniture can last or simple put the life span of furniture. The durability of the modern farmhouse furniture you are about to purchase must be put into consideration so that you can fully enjoy the furniture you are purchasing. Quality built farmhouse furniture will aid durability and longevity of the furniture.

3. Cost

The cost of the furniture must also be put into consideration as it is very true that some sellers attach outrageous prices to their farmhouse furniture. So, compare different prices from different sellers and have good bargaining power as well so you’re able to buy good furniture at a minimized rate.

Also, contrary to popular opinion, overly expensive furniture does not guarantee perfect quality. So be on the lookout for extortionist, so you don’t go bankrupt just trying to purchase farmhouse furniture.

4. Size

The size of the furniture must be put into consideration and so must the size of your house. An appropriate sized Farmhouse furniture piece adds beauty to the house whereas, an outrageous sized farmhouse furniture only becomes a cause for humor or simply put, it becomes a laughing stock.

Yes, there are large sized pieces of furniture which are really beautiful. But consider the size of your house, the space available for the furniture you love and intend to purchase before purchasing it.

5. Color & Finish

The color of farmhouse furniture can either make or mar an apartment or house in general. So, before purchasing that beautiful farmhouse furniture, ask yourself, will the color blend with the color of my home? Would it add beauty to my home to make it look even more appealing?

If your answer is a certain yes, then, you can go ahead and purchase the farmhouse decor and furniture. But if you are not certain or quite skeptical about it, ask questions.

Farm House Kitchen
Farm House Kitchen

Without the perfect paint job, can a farmhouse Décor still look beautiful?

Yes is the answer. Without the perfect paint job, a farmhouse décor can still look beautiful. However, to achieve this you need the right furnishings. With the right furnishings, your home does not need to have the perfect paint job.

The modern farmhouse furniture or décor would do the trick adding beauty and class to your home. However, the power of the perfect painting cannot be underrated. The right paint no doubt adds even more beauty to a house.

Truly, paint that exposes the beauty of a piece of furniture is well regarded. If your home doesn’t have the perfect paint and you have no plans of changing the color of the paint in other to beautifully furnish your home, it is best to call or hire the services of an interior decorator. They can help you arrange your home especially if you have no idea as to how to go about it.

Finally, if you’re in the Saint John’s FL area, Home Built Woodworking can assist with your custom built modern farmhouse décor and furnishings.  Send us a message here and I will be happy to assist you with all your needs!

Barn doors increase your homes value – Selling homes quicker

How a Barn Door Can Increase The Value of your Home

The truth is, a barn door would probably not appear in most folks list of top 10 upgrades that would boost the resale value of a home. This is in light of the fact that many people are still unaware of a barn doors potential with regards to boosting a home’s resale value. In fact, recently Zillow gave a report that showed the efficacy of barn doors in boosting the resale values of homes. According to Zillow, of the 2.8 million homes that were sold between the span of 2014 and 2016, homes that were listed with barn doors got the highest sale premium.

While many people may find this hard to believe, it is very true. Indeed, there are a lot of upsides to having a barn door in your home, especially when you are working to boost the price or your home. In the event that you’re looking for simple and cost-effective ways to boost the resale value of your home, you should probably end your search here.

Here’s how a simple barn door will revolutionize your home and make it all the more appealing for prospective buyers.

When the time comes for buyers to shop for a home, they usually look out for stylish and exciting homes. Since you’ll be waking up in this home, every day until you get another one, it would do you no justice to get a boring home. Barn doors, on the other hand, are well renowned for their efficacy in making a somewhat boring home chirpy and chic.

Along these lines, every potential buyer that comes across the listing of your home would want to explore the added advantage that a barn door offers in a home. Also, barn doors style and designs blend well with both traditional and industrial home decors. As a result, buyers who go for homes with barn door would get to enjoy flexibility in their home décor (and they are aware of this fact).

By simply slapping on a barn door in your home, you can create the perfect hanging space for your artworks. For people who don’t like nails on their walls lest they chip their wall paint, a barn door may be the best alternative. As a matter of fact, the barn door itself can be the art in your home. Rustic barn doors don’t just add character to your home, but they also signal to the potential buyer that your home is more stylish than those without ban doors. This simple realization can help you sell your house quickly and at a much higher price.

In the event that you are not planning to sell your home soon, having a barn door can also be a big bonus for you. So that when you finally make up your mind to sell, you’d get a better offer for your home. Farmhouse furniture like barn doors, rustic bench, rustic nightstand, etc. are the latest home décor trends.

Judging from how long they’ve been trending and how popular they’ve become in our modern day society, the value of a home with a barn door can only be expected to rise. This implies that your investment in a barn door today would fetch a lot of returns for you in the nearest future. Even more than the returns your home would generate if you should sell it with a barn door now.

How much value can a barn door add to your home?

Based on Zillow, the 2.8 million homes that were listed for sale within the span of 2014 to 2016, homes that had barn door in their description had the highest sale premium (about 13% more than the expected values).

To put this in plainer words; you can boost the resale price of your home by a whopping 13% when you include a barn door in your home listing description, which is more than we can say for many of the renovation ideas that we have out there. As a matter of fact, some remodeling ideas that are not as cost-effective as a barn door might not increase your home resale price more than a mere 3-5%. If you are looking for remodeling options that would give you huge returns on your investment, this is it.

Barn doors are also useful when it comes to delineating spaces in your home. Therefore, you can make your home appear as if it has more room than it actually does. This would not only boost your returns on the sale of your home, but it would also quicken the sale process.

Will having a barn door sell my home quicker?

The answer to that question is; yes! It does.

One of the most obvious upsides of having a barn door in your home is character. Consequently, this character would make your home more appealing to potential buyers. Barn Doors in a home signal to potential buyers that your home is more stylish than those without barn doors.

Even though it might not be true for all homes, buyers are still more inclined to go for homes that they perceive as stylish.

When buyers are more attracted to your home than other homes that are listed with yours, you can sit back and relax knowing that your home would get a buyer in no time at all. On the other hand, you shouldn’t use low-quality barn door in your home as it can reduce the overall value of your home. Instead, look for premium quality wood and give your home a nice upgrade. Your home would thank you for it, and the next proprietor would pay good money for your home.

How to Build a Barn Door time lapse Video by Home Built Woodworking

What will a barn door add to my home?

Farmhouse style has gained the appeal of the world, because of a lot of reasons. But then again, all of these reasons revolve around one basic fact – they give the home character. Just like all other farmhouse furniture, barn doors add beauty, style, and value to your home.

Since you have the option of staining or painting your barn door (which makes the barn door all the more appealing to the eyes), barn doors can make your home chicer than any other remodeling alternatives. They are also the best ascent for your home. For people living in homes with limited space, barn doors can help you manage your limited space. This is in light of the fact that barn doors are very effective when it comes to delineating space in the home. But how does it save space in the home?

How will a barn door save space in my home?

We have said earlier that barn doors are great for defining spaces in the home. What we have not told you is that you can also integrate storage spaces in your barn door where you can store essentials. But then again, this would require a bit of inventiveness on your part.

So now that you have ventured into doing your homework on what a Barn Door can bring to your house here’s a quick video straight from our woodshop to give you an idea on the process!

If you’re the handy type, check out our blog post on “How to Make a Barn Door the Easy way” which will help you in building your own Barn Door!

If you’re interested in having a custom barn door made to add value to your home why not contact Home Built Woodworking to help!  We are located in Saint Johns FL and specialize in all sorts of custom build Farmhouse Furnishings and décor.

Caring For Your New Wood Farmhouse Furniture

Cleaning your Furniture

Caring For Your New Wood Farmhouse Furniture

Buying new furniture always make us wonder just how to take care of it before it gets bad. Great care helps in prolonging the life of farmhouse furniture and any furniture. You might be wondering if you should opt for dusting or cleaning, maybe you should just polish or wax your wood furniture. It can be quite confusing.

Although experts suggest different options when it comes to the care of wood farmhouse furniture, it generally depends on the finished piece of it. This is why it is advised to ask for cleaning tops when you buy or make a new wood farmhouse furniture or even an old one as the case may be.

There Are Many Ways To Care For Your Wood Farmhouse Furniture, And They Include :

There Are Many Ways To Care For Your Wood Farmhouse Furniture, And They Include :


Wax is a good finishing for your furniture as it tends to give it a longer lasting protection. The good thing about waxing is that it doesn’t smear and is a more durable option than polishes and spray.

 The use of liquid wax or paste wax is great for your furniture, and if you use it appropriately, it can last for as long as 2 years and maybe more. Paste wax is a better option to liquid Wax as it has a ticket coating and does not need to be applied often unlike the liquid wax.


Dusting is a very important way of taking care of the furniture. Leaving dust on the furniture does nothing good for it, However dusting your furniture frequently is also strongly not advised. This is because it removes and airborne deposits which can build up and then scratch the surface of the furniture.

Therefore before cleaning your furniture, it is advisable to dampen the clothing of your choose lightly to avoid any build up.

5 Common Tools for Dusting Your New Wood Farmhouse Furniture

There are many tools which you can use for dusting your farmhouse furniture. They go from Treated clothes to classic feather dusters.  The cleaning tool that you choose is completely up to your personal preference.

Treated Cloths

These are used for dusting, and they are very soft; therefore, you are sure they can not scratch your furniture. They gently pick up dirt and hold it. It is best to use them instead of opting for silicon sprays.

Lambs-wool Duster

This duster is a good way of attracting dust to it due to the presence of lanolin. It is a very easy and effective way of cleaning your furniture. You can use this duster to get to places cloths can’t reach or find it very difficult to. It has a long handle, making it able to get into places and clean them properly without hurting yourself in the process.

Classic Feather Duster

This is usually called an ostrich feather duster, and it is a good option for cleaning delicate surfaces such as your new farmhouse furniture.

Terry Towels

When you are done dusting, you can use the dry Terry towels to remove the moisture which might be left from using a damp cloth to clean your furniture.

Soft Cloths

These clothes are usually the best option for cleaning. All you have to do is dampen them lightly, and you are good to go.

Monitor Your Environment

The environment you are in can affect your furniture as they respond to the changes in both humidity and temperature. They do this by slightly expanding or contracting.

Frequent exposure to the sun can cause ultraviolet rays to change the chemical composition of either the wood or the finishing. This is why it is advisable to avoid putting your furniture in a place where there would be direct contact with the sun.

Even having direct contact with any coolant or heat can be bad for your farmhouse furniture.


It is advisable to be very cautious when cleaning your furniture, especially with the use of all-purpose cleaning sprays. But in a situation where your furniture has a plastic coating present, then it can be pardoned.

It is also advisable to avoid cleaning your wood with water except where there is a sticky spot and the use of soap and water is allowed. All you have to do is apply mild soap on your clothes and dissolve it in the water when you wring and begin to wipe away the sticky area.

The use of oil polishes as cleaners or even furniture oil is a good way to protect your wood more as they make the wood more slippery. It is also best to avoid cleaning products which have a high percentage of oil or polishing with olive oil as this tends to attract more dust.

It is also advisable to avoid products which are ammonia-based or even contain silicone. The frequent use of polish isn’t advisable, this is because the finishing of most furniture does not get any benefit from them and tend to cause build up. Deep cleaning your furniture annually also helps in the prolonging of your furniture life.

Quick Repairs

When it comes to farmhouse furniture care tips, it is a very common thing to know that accidents happen and fixing them helps in prolonging the life of your furniture. When it comes to repairing furniture, one of the biggest challenges is finding out just what you need to get rid of the damage without causing more harm to the furniture or even destroying the finish.

There are options such as wood repair Kits you can find online, the use of mineral spirits, pumice, linseed oil, and so on.

It is always better to keep the following material on hand as they are good for common issues when it comes to furniture. These issues include.

Chewing Gum

It is no surprise here as there is always someone wanting to stick come underneath a table or any type of furniture and since gum sticks so well or other surfaces, it does so when it comes to wood as well. When you notice the gum on your furniture, remove the most you can, and you can use the freezing method for the rest.

What you have to do is put a bag of ice on the gum for about 10 minutes, this makes it solidify, then use a butter knife to gently bring it out.

Ink Stains

These can be a very difficult thing to remove, both on furniture and clothes. Although it is very difficult in solid wood furniture, it is not impossible.

A good way to get rid of the ink is your mix baking soda and water. 

Pour the mix over the ink stain and wait for a few minutes. After a while, you then wipe it off with a damp cloth. It is advisable to test a small spot before opting for all the ink stains to see how it affects your finish.


Taking care of your new wood farmhouse furniture is very necessary as great furniture can make your home look great and spending money on new furniture because of improper care can be exhausting. So with these tips, hopefully taking care of your furniture would be easy and more understandable.

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