Just a little about me

I am an experienced woodworker with many years creating custom furniture. Early in life I have always been the hands on type of person that enjoyed woodworking. I remember building massive tree forts as a child that spanned through the many trees we had in our back yard.
Although tree forts were fun to build as a child our customer base was slim. Later I moved into new home construction. This lead me to years of residential remodeling. I was able to provide many customers with their dream living areas. We built many custom bars, built in cabinetry and kitchens.
As time went on I relocated to Florida. It is here that I refined my skills into fine woodworking & home decor. I currently specialize in rustic home decor & furnishings. This has given me the opportunity to explore the creative side of woodworking.
If you’re looking for to add a little rustic flare to your home please give use a call or stop by if you’re in the area.

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