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Specializing in rustic farmhouse furniture.  All our furniture is hand built, assembled & finished in-house.  All our furniture is built from the solid wood of your choice. Make your house feel like a home with one of our many pieces.​

Are you looking for the perfect gift? Our custom carved signs are great for many occasions.  All of our signs are designed, carved & finished right here in St. Johns, FL. Our signs are made from solid pine & come standard with hangers ready to display in your home.​

Do you already have a great piece of furniture? Let us add a fresh finish to give your piece a brand new look!   Changing the color of an old piece can make a dramatic impact to your homes decor.​



A home which has all its spaces designed in a gorgeous, desired manner and has stylish furnishings is usually the dream of any homeowner. If you are able to accomplish

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Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Decorating your Home with a Farmhouse Style Farmhouse decorating is quite relaxing, fun, warm, full of charm, and an enticing character. When we talk of farmhouse decorating, some people may

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Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas The summer gives time for the flowers to bloom and decorate the neighborhood. After the summer flowers are done blooming, you will need some additional

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How to avoid brush strokes

How to avoid brush strokes when painting cabinets Almost everyone who indulges in painting and ends up getting brush strokes is left wondering how other people paint and still not

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20 Ways to make wood look old There is something special about the aged wood that draws everyone’s attention.  It adds a real warm and inviting feel to any space. 

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Interesting Facts About Chalk Paint If you have some home improvement jobs that need to be done around your home, you may want to consider all of the options that

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How to treat reclaimed wood for bugs You should be aware that though reclaimed wood is eco-friendly and is very appealing to the eyes, however, there may be a real

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What causes white rings on wood furniture? Stains on wood furniture are the worst!  The white rings that appear on a table out of nowhere can drive you nuts trying

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Caring For Your New Wood Farmhouse Furniture Buying new furniture always make us wonder just how to take care of it before it gets bad. Great care helps in prolonging

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5 woodworking projects for beginners Are you looking for woodworking projects for beginners? I have done some research online and found these to be the top five woodworking projects for

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I am a seasoned woodworker with many years’ experience creating custom furniture among other projects. In 2015 my family and I relocated from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania to sunny Saint Johns, FL. It is here that I refined my skills into fine woodworking & home decor. I currently specialize in rustic home decor & furnishings. This has given me the opportunity to explore the creative side of woodworking to a different level.


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